Mud Creek Reds LLC is a family owned and operated Red Angus Seedstock operation. It is owned by Dan & Rachel Schreurs and Bill & Samantha Schreurs. Dan is president of the operation and helps with day to day activities. Bill is the herd manager. We were a commercial operation when an opportunity to get into the seedstock business presented itself. We were able to acquire a large portion of the Split Rock Red Angus herd from Tony Detoy, an established seedstock operation. This herd was developed around top AI sires such as: Glacier Marias 548, Buffalo Creek Cherokee Canyon 4912, Leachman No-Equal 1174D, BJR C-Chief 811, Schuler Iowa 527-615, BJR Rambler 5162 and others. We also have added genetics from other progressive breeders in the industry such as: Bieber Red Angus, R A Brown Ranch, and Beckton Red Angus.

Our focus remains to be on the commercial cow/calf operator and raising cattle to increase profits. The focus of our program is on calves that come easy, excel in growth and carcass traits, while being highly maternal. We have a strict culling program which helps us to continually improve on our herd. We cull for disposition, structural soundness, udder quality, and overall performance. We do not creep feed any of our spring calves. We keep very detailed records on each animal which helps us in our selection of replacement females. We only retain females out of our best producing cows. We retain enough females to cull off the lower ten percent of our herd each year. Take a look at our females page to see some of the females we are using to put together one of the best Red Angus herds around.

We are also utilizing artificial insemination practices to help us in our efforts. All of our replacement heifers are AI'd along with half of our cows each year. The other cows are ran with bulls that meet the criteria we are looking for in a sire purchased from other breeders. You can go to our sires page to see the bulls we have been using both AI and natural service.

Our bulls are put on a 120 day gain test starting the day they are weaned. This allows us to see their true genetic potential for growth and also cull the bulls that don't perform up to our standards. We then back them off of feed gradually until they are on a straight hay diet to harden them up and get them ready for the breeding season. The heifers are developed on a medium energy ration to prepare them for breeding and also help them retain their flesh through the summer.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about our program. Please feel free to call with any questions or just to talk cattle.